Batty McBatface - 2 pack

$ 26.00

Two limited edited batches just in time for Fall and Halloween and other weird things:

1. Batty McBatface Sriracha - I recently went to my Aunt's cabin and a frickin' BAT flew in and scared the $h!t out of me! I text my sister and she's like, "Don't touch it with your bare hands" and I'm like, "DON'T WORRY!!" Batty McBatface - this sriracha's for you! A little hotter than our OG blend with a mix of red fresnos and habanero peppers - one of Jojo's favorite blends. (PS - if you're not into bats, this video might convince you otherwise).

2. Mean Green Halloween Sriracha - an x-spicy assortment of fermented green chili's that had a bunch of attitude this season. Stamped with original art by local Denver artist Corey Merritt. #dope


chili peppers (hand inspected / locally sourced in-season whenever possible)
distilled vinegar*
sea salt
palm sugar*
 *organic ingredients

6 oz round glass jar