chocolate scorpion xxx sriracha

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the perfect gift for the chili head in your life - which very well might be you!
our chocolate scorpion pepper sriracha is one of the hottest blends we've ever created. these peppers, with scoville heat units approaching 2,000,000 (compared to jalapenos at 5,000 SHU) are sold by the gram and not for the faint of heart. but most importantly, this complex blend of peppers means epic flavor.

if you're skeptical or need a better understanding of what kind of "hot" we're talking about, my friend bill moore has videos of himself eating similar chocolate scorpion, brainstrain and infinity varieties

better yet - watch the entire scoville scale as told by cats  (scroll down to #11)

*sick graffiti art courtesy of colorado crush artists

chili peppers (hand inspected / locally sourced in-season whenever possible)
distilled vinegar*
sea salt
palm sugar*
 *organic ingredients

6.4 oz square glass jar