sriracha margarita mixer

$ 12.00

hey peeps, it's jojo. i wanted to chime in personally on this one to tell you how truly amazing this sriracha margarita mixer is. if you ever come to my house, this is what i'll offer you to drink.

the sriracha margarita mixer is the brain child of alex abbott boyd, owner of the nyc-based company called cocktail crate. alex loves cocktails the way i love sriracha. for real. the video about his story, and i'm a little embarrassed to say this, almost makes me cry.

alex and i met in nyc when both our companies were just getting started. alex wanted to make a sriracha margarita mixer with fresh, straight-forward ingredients (like real lime juice) and jojo's sriracha fit the bill. from there we experimented to find just the right blend of peppers for his cocktail. we now make a special batch of jojo's sriracha just for him.

most people describe the mixer as "refreshing." that's because, contrary to every other margarita mix on the shelf, alex goes to the ends of the earth to make sure his mixer uses fresh lime juice. it's not crazy spicy. it's perfect.

how to use it: combine 1 part mixer with 1 part tequila, shake with ice and enjoy (responsibly, of course)

filtered water
lime juice (not from concentrate)
agave nectar
jojo's sriracha (chili peppers, distilled vinegar*, garlic*, sea salt, palm sugar*) *organic ingredients